Our Team


With stellar studios such as Igloo Creative House, Igloo Gaming, Ringtail Studios, Starloop Studios and Magic Media VFX & Cinematics, Magic Media experts are located around the world. From Ireland, Belgium, USA, Ukraine, Israel, and Estonia, to Brazil, Portugal, Moldova, Philippines, Georgia, Greece, Serbia and Spain. We are spread across the world, leveraging the best-in-industry talents across each aspect of our creative and technical services.

Magic Media Team
Magic media Team

Our People

We are a rapidly expanding company with talent already located in fourteen countries worldwide. This diversity is a key strength we value as it brings multiple approaches to the same problem. This environment of variety in both mentalities and methods grants us the ability to tackle any problem in the most efficient and creative manner.


We foster an environment of creativity, self-improvement, and teamwork. We want to hear each side and each approach of those involved in our projects. The only way to guarantee that input is for every team to be comfortable to do so. We are combining creative and technical experts; the floor is always open, and we listen to those who speak up.

Magic Media Ethos
Magic Media Passion


Our passion is in entertainment and gaming. We are driven in creating and aiding others in the creation of quality entertainment. Whether that be movies, television, games, a VR or AR simulation, it doesn’t matter! We just want to help fill the world with the best entertainment that can be summoned.