Cinematics Animation

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Cinematics Animation

Magic Media offers expert cinematics animation services for TV and Film projects. Characters truly come to life once they begin to move, and our animators will give them that life no matter how complex, nuanced, or extraordinary the character might be.

Our cinematic animation system begins with rigging the character model up using both deformation and animation rigs. With these rigs in place, our teams will have characters prepared in two ways. Deformation means dynamic and correct movements based on how the model is formed. Animation offers the precision of a hand animated performance.

Between these two, we’re in the perfect place to deliver the lively character and animation that you need.

Our animation services are not limited by size or shape. Magic Media are able to offer full-scale control over any model, whether it be humanoid or entirely alien. Between our double rig process, we will have it moving and acting in the most natural (or unnatural!) way that you imagined.

We’ll deliver our cinematics animation expertize through:

  • 2D and 3D Environment Animation
  • 2D and 3D Props Animation
  • 2D and 3D Character Animation
  • Utilizing each of these, your cinematic animations will come to life.

The Magic Media team is home to experts of all varieties. Our cinematic animators keep up with the best tools and practices for high-quality results, so that we can deliver them straight to you. With studios across the world, we’ll have professionals on hand to offer bespoke designs and creations.

Whether you want realistic and lifelike, or cartoonish and exaggerated, our cinematic animation experts will deliver the movements and body language subtleties that work best. We keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and creation, all to remain prepared to meet every challenge and deliver your dreams into reality.

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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