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Skins Game Art

With many games evolving to focus on a select group of characters or a core group of weapons and equipment, skins game art services is growing both in use and in importance. What this service entails is an aesthetic and stylistic change to existing characters, weapons, and/or equipment for players to discover or purchase.

This service is already clearly visible in MOBA style games and in character-based team games such as League of Legends and Overwatch respectively. 

Versatility and Flexibility

Our dedicated team of game art production specialists will be on hand to quickly and efficiently on-board your needs and specifications. Once in place, and an appropriate team has been prepared, the Magic Media group will deliver industry-leading results promptly. Our art skills are honed over many years in the industry and we guarantee the skills, size, and scalability to handle any project.

Skins Game Art Across All Genres

At the Magic Media group, we pride ourselves on our capacity to adapt and immerse ourselves in our clients’ projects. If you’re looking for bizarre and unique, like our work on weapon modifications and real-time VFX in Remnant 2, more grounded and realistic sci-fi like our weapon and assets in Generation Zero or more playful like our full art production on Pixelmon, the Magic Media team has the skill and expertize. Fantasy, sci-fi, crime, noir, realistic, or heavily stylized in any way, we have you covered.

Involvement and Excellence in Skins Game Art

Our goal with skins game art, whether we’re delivering weapon modifications, new skins, alternative character appearances, or alterations to existing texture/asset packs, is absolute excellence. Our team’s immersion in your project isn’t just to understand your project and needs as best as possible. It’s to get ensure that we exceed your expectations and deliver beyond what you hoped for. 

Partner with Magic Media: Your Trusted Skins Game Art Partner

Choose Magic Media as your trusted ally in the dynamic worlds of game development, technology, and entertainment. With our exceptional game art and skins game art services, tailored expertize, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ll be by your side at every step to support you.

Embark on an exciting journey today with our team. Contact Magic Media to experience the transformative power of our skins game art, taking your existing characters, weapons, and packs, and allow our skilled artists to bring new life to them. Inspiring players to come back and continue enjoying your stellar gameplay experience.

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