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Live Services

Live services for gaming means constant support, evolving content, and community engagement. With Magic Media, video game live services can mean your game will grow and evolve alongside an engaged and entertained player base. Our international team of developers, artists, and creators will thrive on an ongoing player engagement experience involving content updates, seamless expansion of existing experiences, and community-driven features that are sure to keep your players interested and hooked on your game.

With Magic Media, our live services expertize include:

  • Live content updates
  • Community engagement
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Continuous innovation
Live Services with Magic Media

We build games through immersion and creative vision. It might sound simple but the true heart of an entertaining and engaging gaming experience is consistency and immersion. The best way to create that experience is with a team who understands and knows your ideas, feelings, aesthetic preferences, and more. Whether we’re assisting in delivering your existing live services or you’re leveraging our expertize, we guarantee a team that lives and breathes your world. The results are immersive content drops that keep players involved.

Making Data-Driven Decisions for Live Services

We don’t just live and breathe your world though, there are a lot of players whose voices don’t get heard or they don’t speak up. That’s why our team utilize only the foremost tools to gather player data on decision-making. We look into user preferences, popular areas, events, or quests, and more to ensure that when we build out a live service expansion, it’s what the players want.

Dynamic Updates and Community Engagement

When it comes to ongoing efforts in game development like game live services, it’s important for updates to change the way the game feels. The best way to do that is through data-driven decisions and community engagement. This means when you begin to explore new avenues of content updates and gameplay changes, you have a greater picture of what your players are looking for. A happy player base means a successful live service!

Seamless Integration with Your Team 

Our team can quickly blend into your roadmap, plans, and existing team. We pride ourselves on our capacity for adaptation and emulating the style, aesthetic, and feel of your game. No matter what aspect of the project we’re assisting on, we guarantee a team who will dive head first into your game’s core and come out the other side delivering pieces that are seamless with your own, original work.

Partner with Magic Media: Your Trusted Live Services Partner

Experience in-depth, bespoke, and comprehensive live services with Magic Media as your trusted partner in the evolving world of gaming, technology, and entertainment. Our international team offers dedicated support, tailored for your needs with expertize and a commitment to excellence!

Embark on an exhilarating journey today by joining forces with our skilled team. Reach out to Magic Media and watch as your game transforms with high-quality live services. Whether you require development, art, VFX, or cybersecurity solutions, we are here to deliver beyond your expectations, maintaining the highest standards throughout the process.

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