Backend Game Services

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Backend Game Services

Elements that are often not considered or often overlooked by new entrants into the game development world are those of backend game services. Typical behaviour covered by backend game services or online services include:

  • Registration
  • Authentication
  • Profile Management
  • Microtransactions
  • Friends/Party Systems
  • Matchmaking
  • And more
Backend Game Services with Magic Media

Effectively, everything that is not gameplay can be comfortably covered under the umbrella of backend game services. When it comes to delivering our industry-leading services, you have two options:

1. Allow the Magic Media team to write all the features from scratch

This means full flexibility and adaptability as it can be built bespoke for your needs. You will also have full control over scalability and performance measures and their connected costs. This will result in a cheaper operational cost if handled correctly and the title becomes a long term success.

2. Integrate with existing solutions (Playfab, Accelbyte, etc.)

Alternatively, if you already have a solution in place and require our expertize, we can seamlessly integrate into your chosen solution. While you won’t have the same flexibility as the former option, we’ll still deliver excellence!

Advantages of Writing Your Own Backend Game Services

This solution allows you complete customization of your backend. It means tailored solutions built precisely for your requirements. Utter control of every element which might be integral for complex or specialized games. This extends to scalability with player counts, which can assist you in avoiding bottlenecks or limitations. When it comes to data security, writing your own backend game services ensures you can implement your own security measures to protect your players. Finally, the initial cost might be higher than the alternative but it grants you much more control over ongoing operational costs!

Considerations When Writing Your Own Backend Game Services

If utilizing our services or conducting it internally, it can be a time-consuming task, which could delay your overall game development timeline. It also requires ongoing maintenance, updates, and bugfixes, which must be accounted for in both time and resources. Maintaining the backend requires a team knowledgeable in the task, which requires expertize and retention. Finally, security vulnerabilities or scalability issues might crop up if your team is lacking experience in backend development.

Advantages of Using an Existing Backend Game Service Solution

Pre-built solutions will always allow you to deploy much faster and reduce your time-to-market. They also typically offer a wide range of features including player management and leaderboards which can save you development time. In terms of scalability, they are often built to handle high player loads which solves any immediate scalability challenges. Finally, many of these solutions have robust security measures already in place!

Considerations When Using an Existing Backend Game Service Solution

These solutions however are developed broadly, meaning it might not cater to your specific needs. There is flexibility in its feature-rich system but you can find yourself limited without the customization offered by bespoke development. The initial cost might be cheaper but long-term operational costs can add up, especially if your title becomes highly popular. Lastly, you’ll be depending on the service provider’s infrastructure and support. If anything stops their work or service, it could heavily impact your game.

Partner With Magic Media: Your Trusted Backend Gaming Service Specialists

Choosing between these solutions comes down to your game, its complexity, budget, team experience, and your timeline. With Magic Media, we can seamlessly deliver whichever solution fits you best. Why not get in touch with us today and we’ll happily consult with your team for a solution that best suits your project. We’re always ready to tackle the next challenge!

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