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Magic Media 3D Model, the vehicle features rugged, mud-covered tires, exposed suspension, and mounted equipment, indicating a design meant for rough terrain.
Behind the Magic: Interstellar Buggy 3D Model

ART - May 28, 2024

Created for a project where players will explore

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Magic Media game economy design, a futuristic black and grey weapon with orange accents, featuring a sleek design and grip handle.
Video Game Economics and Game Economy Design

DESIGN - May 24, 2024

The intricacies of video game economics and

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Magic Media real-time VFX, a digital artwork featuring holographic cars and a glowing figure emitting light in a mystical forest setting.
What is Real-Time VFX?

VFX - May 23, 2024

It has a few different names, real-time VFX

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Magic Media and Fateless Games, Full-Cycle Game Development
Magic Media’s Full-Cycle Game Development with Fateless Games


One of our latest and most exciting

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Magic Media Mobile Games, two futuristic characters stand in a stone hallway. The left figure is an orange and black armored robot with glowing green lights and a multi-barreled weapon.
Exploring New Frontiers in Mobile Games

MOBILE - May 16, 2024

The mobile gaming industry is changing

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Magic Media game character design, a video game character in blue and gold armor, posing with a large weapon, highlighting detailed design and craftsmanship.
Game Character Design: Classes and Characteristics

DESIGN - May 14, 2024

Unforgettable video game experiences happen when a..

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Magic Media 3D Game Art, weathered submachine gun and ammunition shells on sand.
Behind the Magic: 3D Game Art Scrap Shotgun

ART - May 07, 2024

Weapons, and in particular firearms, are a

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Magic Media, Integration, Porting, and Mobile Game Development, Epic Games Arrives on Mobile
Integration, Porting, and Mobile Game Development: Epic Games Arrives on Mobile

MOBILE - May 02, 2024

With the Epic Games Store coming to mobile

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Working with Magic Media, A Difference in Outsourcing Quality
Working with Magic Media: A Difference in Outsourcing Quality

CO-DEVELOPMENT - April 30, 2024

For this part, we discuss the processes

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Magic Media mobile game porting, Artwork of a room with red tendrils and a portal, hinting at supernatural occurrences amid scientific chaos.
Technical Aspects of Mobile Game Porting

GAME PORTING - April 24, 2024

Mobile game porting projects require comprehensive..

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