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Video ads have proven to be significantly better at grabbing users’ attention, especially when compared to traditional text or image ads. They’re also excellent at promoting and reinforcing your brand to potential clients or customers. At Magic Media, our video ads tell the stories of brilliant people, products, and brands, while maintaining a strong, creative emphasis on quality of production and making an impact on your audience.

The Magic Media team will work closely with you through every step of the process, ensuring your dream video ad is created! Our team can build engaging video ads in any format to deliver the brand messages you want. Through our professional experience, we’ll ensure your brand stands out with an engaging video that focuses on your core values.

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  • Magic Media Ubisoft
  • Magic Media - Epic Games
  • Magic Media - 2K
  • Magic Media - EA
  • Magic Media - Microids
  • Magic Media - Improbable
  • Magic Media - Immutable
  • Magic Media - Gunfire Games
  • Magic Media - Bruner House
  • Magic Media - Expansive Worlds
  • Magic Media - NDreams
  • Magic Media - Acrtic7
  • Magic Media - Gearbox
  • Magic Media - Ankama
  • Magic Media - Cantos
  • Magic Media - Supermassive Games
  • Magic Media - Platige
  • Magic Media - Kmon
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