Game Porting Services

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Game Porting Services

Step into the vast universe of gaming with Magic Media. Specializing in assisting developers and publishers with our world-class game porting services, we transform and port a game across diverse platforms, ensuring every game port resonates with quality and immersive gameplay.

PC & iMac Game Porting

Harnessing the power of advanced tools like Unity and Unreal Engine, we analyze and adapt games for PCs and iMacs. With a meticulous code transformation process, games shine in the unique environments of both PC and iMac, coupled with designs tailored to provide an unmatched desktop gaming experience. For Apple platforms, porting a game has never been easier with Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit.

Android Game Porting

Embracing the nuances of Android, our expertize in Unity enables us to fine-tune and port a game to the Android ecosystem seamlessly. Performance optimization is at the core of our game porting strategy, ensuring each game feels native and responsive on a myriad of Android devices.

Console Porting for Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation

The vibrant world of console gaming is brought to life with the power of Unreal Engine and its modular system of dependent components. By capitalizing on the engine’s open-source structure and vast game dev features, we deliver smooth gameplay transitions and rich graphics, ensuring every console experience feels native and captivating. Porting a game is a complex process, but with these dynamic tools, console players won’t be left behind.

Magic Media’s Game Porting Toolkit

At Magic Media, our game porting solutions are driven by industry-leading tools. We understand how to port a game using platform-agnostic middleware in addition to our expert knowledge of platform-specific tools and APIs.


Unity is our go-to for cross-platform game development. With its capacity to cater to over 25 platforms, including PCs, consoles, and mobiles, it’s a versatile tool that guarantees optimal gameplay and graphics, regardless of the platform, and is equally impressive when porting a game at a later date.

Unreal Engine

The strength of Unreal Engine lies in its open-source framework. It allows us to develop and port games across multiple operating systems, ensuring captivating visuals and seamless transitions. Its modular system streamlines our process, making game porting efficient and effective. Its latest iteration, Unreal Engine 5, is a powerful development environment that has helped porting games become a more flawless process than ever before.

Precision with C++

C++ forms the backbone of our technical prowess. A foundational language, it ensures that each game we port is tailored for performance, making transitions smooth and gameplay consistent.

At Magic Media, we don’t just port games; we ensure they thrive in their new environments. Choose us for a seamless, professional, and efficient game porting experience.


Choose Magic Media as your trusted ally in the dynamic world of porting, technology, and entertainment. With our expertize in porting services, tailored solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ll be by your side at every step to support you.

Embark on an exciting journey today with our team. Contact Magic Media to experience the transformative power of our porting capabilities, enabling your game to reach new platforms and audiences. Whether you’re looking to bring your game to different consoles, PC, mobile devices, or virtual reality platforms, our skilled engineers and developers specialize in seamless and efficient porting processes.

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