VFX & Cinematics

At Magic Media, we are veterans of the film, tv, gaming and entertainment industries with a passion for the creation of ground-breaking visual effects and digital content. We have deep experience with in-game cinematics along with photorealistic and live action cinematics.

The team works closely with clients throughout every phase of the cinematic creative process to ensure only perfection makes it to your audience. Our strength lies in bringing creativity even to the technical processes and ensuring your vision is maintained throughout.

Our main goal is to provide clients with the highest quality VFX & cinematic services to help your project reach its full potential. Magic Media provides a one-stop solution for any project. We will bring our undivided attention to every project and if your satisfaction comes from the creation of seamless visuals that defy reality, we’d love to work with you.

Some of our work

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Our Clients

  • Magic Media Ubisoft
  • Magic Media - Epic Games
  • Magic Media - 2K
  • Magic Media - EA
  • Magic Media - Microids
  • Magic Media - Improbable
  • Magic Media - Immutable
  • Magic Media - Gunfire Games
  • Magic Media - Bruner House
  • Magic Media - Expansive Worlds
  • Magic Media - NDreams
  • Magic Media - Acrtic7
  • Magic Media - Gearbox
  • Magic Media - Ankama
  • Magic Media - Cantos
  • Magic Media - Supermassive Games
  • Magic Media - Platige
  • Magic Media - Kmon

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