Our Unique Tech

At Magic Media, we have invested heavily into building a suite of unique proprietary technology that are pioneering the industry.

Our teams and specialists saw gaps in multiple areas of outsourcing services and sought to rectify that with our own suite of bespoke and expert offerings. We are always looking to push the games’ industry forward, and the Magic Media team thrive on innovation and discovery. It is our pleasure to offer this array of services to our clients to cover any and all of their needs.

NFT Marketplace

Our experts have created a unique, white-labeled NFT marketplace that can be integrated within any game title. It allows game developers and publishers to list their NFTs, put them up for sale towards their players and charge certain fees. It also allows players to trade NFTs amongst each other within the game, while allowing the game publisher to charge a fee on the transactions performed within the game.

The unique aspect of this marketplace is that it can be easily integrated into any engine and supports multiple blockchain networks, giving an amazing advantage to the developers and publishers over using third party marketplaces where integration comes at a high cost.

Magic Media NFT marketplace

Unity and Unreal Wallet

Magic Media Unity and Unreal wallet

Our Unity and Unreal wallet integrations allow players to directly link their cryptocurrency wallets to their accounts. With this, players will no longer be required to exit the game state to complete a transaction. Players can log into their crypto wallet in the same secure manner just as they connect to web based wallets (e.g. metamask, phantom, etc).

The game can then seamlessly fetch their cryptocurrencies or NFTs and allows them to be used in the existing in-game marketplace. The wallet fully integrates with our own marketplace service, which provides developers a unique and comprehensive solution in the blockchain gaming industry. By taking out the extra steps of an external connection, your players’ wallets will be immediately available for any in-game blockchain transaction.

Load Testing Swarm

Our Swarm Technology takes load testing to the next level. Utilising cloud-based networking, the Swarm simulates real player behaviour in a large volume. This allows game developers and publishers to load test their server infrastructure, multiplayer services, and backend APIs in numbers they require. It’s crucial to understand if their infrastructure can handle the expected concurrent player-load before launch or a specific in game event.

The advantage of our Swarm Technology is that companies can simulate millions of players, all without the need of expensive hardware or actual players doing the testing. The headless and cloud-based nature means we can simulate any number of players, performing actions at the same time. All without requiring individual pieces of hardware to run the actual game client.

Magic Media Our Technology

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